Switch The Hell Off Today

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Sometimes it seems like society as a whole has a chronic fear of switching off from our plethora of electronic devices. You're more likely to engender a stare of horror than anything else if you ask someone to put down their phone at a meal these days.

As an aside, if you ever pull a phone out when you're out for dinner with me I will see it as the height of rudeness: it is rude, full stop. Do not do that.

We're so addicted to our beeps and lights and alerts that as a whole we seem to be developing this fear of being off. We always have to be on, on, on, connected, connected, connected. Heaven forbid we can't get wifi - you'd think the world had ended. It's insane. Really, in the grand scheme of things think about it - it is insane.

You know what happens to things that are on all of the time?

They burn out and break

The chronic rise of mental illness, depression, anxiety, FOMO, eating disorders, plastic surgery, etc speaks to some of the dangers that this consistently 'on', oversharing mentality can have on people and on society.

I'm not saying we should ban ourselves from electronics altogether, that wouldn't be possible in our society, and it isn't the electronics themselves that are the problem. It's our addiction to them, our inability to be without the consistent distraction that they provide.

So turn off for an hour today. Heck turn off for a least an hour or two every day.

No phones.

No laptops.

No email.

Do yoga,

Go walk.

Read a book.

Have an actual conversation with someone.

The world is not going to implode if you ignore your phone/laptop/email for a couple of hours a day. No-one is actually going to notice, and no-one is going to care. It's not the end of the world. It could be the start of trying new, fun offline activities. It could be the start of better friendships and relationships. It could be the start of learning something new.

Turn off. Recharge. Relax. Breathe.

It's ok to be offline, despite what society and the media would have you believe.

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Switch The Hell Off Today